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Ahlstrom Pleated (Fluted) Filter Paper

Ahlstrom Pleated (Fluted) Filter Paper Ahlstrom offers a full range of standard pleated grades that meet your needs from grades with rapid flow rates for filtration of viscous materials to grades with tight matrices for removal of fine precipitates. Ahlstromís pre-pleated grades can save valuable time and maximize the efficiency of the laboratory filter system. Pleating improves the effective surface area increasing flow rate and loading capacity thus decreasing filtration time. Pleated circles are available in 12.5cm to 50cm diameters.

  • Ahlstrom Laboratory Filter Catalog
  • About Ahlstrom Filter Grades which are pdf,

  • Ahlstrom Fluted Filter - Grade 505

    Ahlstrom Fluted Filter - Grade 509

    Ahlstrom Fluted Filter - Grade 513

    Ahlstrom Fluted Filter - Grade 515

    Ahlstrom Fluted Filter - Grade 517

    Ahlstrom Fluted Filter - Grade 519

    Ahlstrom Fluted Filter - Grade 542

    Ahlstrom Fluted Filter - Grade 561

    Ahlstrom Fluted Filter - Grade 562
    Ahlstrom Pleated (Fluted) Filter Paper

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